Owner-operator Robert Jacobs discusses his business

February 4th, 2011

0 Owner operator Robert Jacobs discusses his businessFormer military serviceman, company driver and now owner-operator Robert Jacobs of Columbia, S.C., talks about his experience in his new business. He’s currently running leased to Greatwide and moving mostly Tyson Foods freight. He bought his Freightliner through the ATBS Leasco program and talks about that program, and more, here.

Jacobs is one of the drivers featured in the September 2009 “How to Become an Owner-Operator” in Truckers News magazine.

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14 Responses

  1. rambo440hp says:

    You know you …
    You know you whinnie babies ,I have 4 friends here in tn that own 3-6 trucks and they make good money I dont understand why you couldnt make it unless maybe you t hink should make 1500 of each truck ,and no they make a big bunch per mile” 1.25″ average per mile they just take care of their trucks and drivers

  2. aviomaster says:

    — Trucking …
    — Trucking bussiness is up these days ,, OWN your own equipment and you can not make enough to buy tires …

  3. fl35m says:

    straight and to the …
    straight and to the point. good info.

  4. ETTruck says:

    very good.
    very …

    very good.
    very helpful.


  5. alross18058 says:

    your a good man …
    your a good man robert

  6. jahlyric says:

    Great Job Sir
    Great Job Sir

  7. sgtisom0609 says:

    Great …

    Great Video!
    I would like keep up with your experiences! Keep me posted!


  8. rulukin4some says:

    Hey Robert,

    Hey Robert,

    Whats the name of the company that assisted Robert starting his own trucking business. I just finished trucking school and signed on with a company. I would like to start learning now about the business side and how to start my own business so when I get the experience I will have the knowledge

  9. kajuan99 says:

    My name is Robert …
    My name is Robert and i live in Orangeburg, SC and this video made me more comfortable about leasing a truck with the company i drive for now. Thx!

  10. pcking2008 says:

    This video was very …
    This video was very informative Thank You!

    Santa Clara, CA

  11. givonebellamy says:

    please explain …
    please explain yourself…..

  12. Wgrippin says:

    It’s so nice to see …
    It’s so nice to see a positive owner operator… I get so sick of hearing about how horrible it is from people that are having a bad experience. its nice to see someone with an positive attitude.

  13. juannyboii says:


    Robert, Thanks …

    Robert, Thanks brother, good and honest info.

  14. brotherskeeper7 says:

    wow, this is what …
    wow, this is what i’m looking for, no one can tell you like the ones thats been there in the trenches. For somene like me, with no experience driving trucks, this is what i’m looking for, this type of information.

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