Is Getting A Trucking Job Still a Good Decision Today?

February 12th, 2012

0 Is Getting A Trucking Job Still a Good Decision Today?
Trucking today is a little different then it was a year ago for most people. Obviously there is less demand for moving freight because the economy has slowed. Having said that, I still feel becoming a trucker is a good choice for the right person. Trucking was the last to feel the effects of the economy but it will be the first to feel the effects of a recovery. Even now despite the constant chatter about there no longer being a shortage, companies are hiring drivers. There will continue to be a need for drivers even thoughout the recession.

Obviously companies can be a little more selective with so many choosing trucking today as an option for employment so this means the cleaner your record the easier it will be to find a job. The more you have on your driving record, I am sad to say that the more of a challenge it will be to get hired as a driver.

I would by no means give up based on this fact. There are tens of thousands of trucking companies out there, as I have said before the best thing to do is to call around.

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13 Responses

  1. KF6LIL says:

    Be a trucker live …
    Be a trucker live like a king in arkansas or georgia because homes & property are cheap but u know away from the coastal cities more prone to hurricaine weather cities like new orleans REMEMBER KATRINA now you know.

  2. satellitetune says:

    Very nice vidio …
    Very nice vidio awesome

  3. TheWholefoodfarmacy says:

    Very nice vidio …
    Very nice vidio awesome

  4. gwk4657 says:

    Very nice vidio …
    Very nice vidio awesome

  5. marcus23332333 says:

    how far back do …
    how far back do companies check driving record for trucking job I have a accident a 2 speeding tickets in2005

  6. lifeasatrucker says:

    Thanks Zoe Toots

    Thanks Zoe Toots

    Sony Vegas and Camtasia studio to get the screen shot in the back. (You can get a free 30 day trial of camtasia)

  7. lifeasatrucker says:

    ahh man you got …
    ahh man you got more work than truckers if you in the right area being a diesel mech. More of the trucks that will be on the road will be older trucks because of people trying to cut expenses on buying newer ones.

    I never bought a new truck myself. Didn’t take a recession for me to learn. My truck had 2,000,000 and was still strong when I stopped driving it.

  8. lifeasatrucker says:

    I may be a good …
    I may be a good decision man, Prices will definitely go back up again though because of speculation. However, I think it will continue to fluctuate up and down. I think when freight starts picking up its going to be slow and continuous but I don’t think you will have so much fluctuation in freight needing to be hauled.

  9. VivaZweiFan says:

    agreed 100%. …
    agreed 100%. Everyone nowdays is focusing on how bad economy is, but we’ll get out of it stronger. It’s a reality check, and that’s always a good in the end.

  10. AirborneRooster says:

    great vid
    great vid

  11. truckerflatlander says:

    whats going on. i …
    whats going on. i worked out on the oil rigs for the past 2 yrs and then the bottom fell out. the price of oil went down to below $50 a barrel and oil companies are scared to start drilling again. so you got all these drilling rigs stacked in the yards and people getting unemployed. thats why im heading to the open road.

  12. Metalstr8jacket says:

    Trucking will …
    Trucking will always be a good decision. I’m a diesel mechanic, And There will always be a demand for us… meaning there’s drivers constantly needed. Rock on bro, Keep the shakers moving!!

  13. ZoeToots says:

    LOVE the editing! …
    LOVE the editing! HOW do you do that?

    OF course I love your opinions too!

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