July 5th, 2011


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14 Responses

  1. lingerieluver says:

    i would love to …
    i would love to be a truckers boi on there long trips

  2. elmo99120 says:

    we can see who is …
    we can see who is santa and who is the grinch in this one lol.

  3. madman0604 says:

    Gotta love Wyoming. …
    Gotta love Wyoming…..

  4. skoal22005 says:

    have you decided …
    have you decided which company you maybe going to go with? drop me a line, i would be very interested to know. thx and be safe ^_^

  5. dgrouter says:

    i really enjoyed …
    i really enjoyed all of the information,as a new student with cdl wanting to know of good place to get a start, as may trucking not taking anyone at this time yes im from washington state thanks… again

  6. heavykevy888 says:

    Nice Family,,,keep …
    Nice Family,,,keep up the vid’s

  7. Rodamus345 says:

    Hey man, that kinda …
    Hey man, that kinda sucked for you that you couldn’t really go anywhere since the highways were closed, but at least you got home just in the nic of time to celebrate late christmas. And your kid is adorable with the santa clause outfit and hat.

  8. Xenthoid says:

    i always hate it …
    i always hate it when people speed during bad weather. i remember last year an hole in a truck ran a suv of the road on I-90 wisconsin. It was literrally blankets of rain falling making it almost impossible to see. People like him make truckers look bad.

  9. MattieDale44 says:

    Mike tells it like …
    Mike tells it like it is. There are several jobs in which you don’t know when and where you’ll be. Military, truckers, trains, fire and pilot. Of these, truckers have it the worst. YOu need to be single or have an understanding family for these kind of jobs.

  10. truckertwotimes says:

    good show ole chap
    good show ole chap

  11. electrocub06 says:

    Great vids man, …
    Great vids man, pops is is hot too! Wish you guys numerous safe and fruitful trips and if your ever in the NJ area, you have a friend! I think we even share some mutual acquaintances!

  12. ozstickman says:

    Great vids mate. …
    Great vids mate. New subber from Australia here!

    So tell Nancy to say hi to America and Australia now.

  13. 014034 says:

    love your videos, …
    love your videos, never get old ! :D

  14. TorontoChaser says:

    Thanks 4 sharing !
    Thanks 4 sharing !

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