Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021

October 23rd, 2011

0 Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021

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Duration : 0:3:16

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25 Responses

  1. ezfla says:

    lame,no footage no …
    lame,no footage no proof

  2. totagteam says:

    This is highly …
    This is highly questionable. Why would they allow an outsider see so much of the interior? I saw another video where the trucker was kept in the dark about the load. He backed into a bay, they took his load and paperwork, then gave him some paperwork back, all with out leaving the cab. I know there are bases underground but this “leak” sounds too fishy.

  3. EMPIRE0FLIES says:

    mmmm The good book …
    mmmm The good book said they would try to hide themselves under rocks in fear of the Lord. Sorry, Jeshua has your numbers and our trillions of dollars wont save you.

  4. ffazsia says:

    all true !!! The …
    all true !!! The ETs are taking over the human population very soon

  5. SRCDLC says:

    Let’s send gov. …
    Let’s send gov. Ventura.

  6. LadyStonecut says:

    @RenegadeTimes I …
    @RenegadeTimes I hope it comes down on their heads!

  7. vanir9 says:

    What is happening? …
    What is happening? What do they know that we don’t?

  8. RenegadeTimes says:

    @LadyStonecut <<< …
    @LadyStonecut <<< correct . That and drug money laundering through the banks. Read Catherine Austin Fitts about how the money is laundered in this manner. The corruption is deeper than anyone knows.

  9. PlanetaryMATE says:

    @kerry31088 As much …
    @kerry31088 As much as i hope that happens, but wouldnt you like to at least see what these cities look like?

  10. PlanetaryMATE says:

    @ …
    @plasticglassonion222 “Industrial Military´╗┐ Complex”

  11. TheProofOfTruth says:

    Revelation 6:15And …
    Revelation 6:15And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;

    16And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

    17For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

  12. sailfished says:

    Post another vid …
    Post another vid after your buddy gets his twic, swac cards pulled. If this is not B.S. they WILL determine who your buddy was that spilt the beans

  13. nepenthean says:

    I live in central …
    I live in central Arizona. In a rural area I drive through to work there is farmland with shacks scattered throughout. Well, one day as I was driving I happened to notice the doors on a run-down shack opening. Out drove a semi truck. WHERE the did that thing come from? This video reminds me of that day. There is a mountain range nearby as well.

  14. plasticglassonion222 says:

    Can you say… The …
    Can you say… The Industrial Military Complex.

  15. kerry31088 says:

    I hope whatever is …
    I hope whatever is coming buries their (pardon) alive. If it’s something from nature going underground won’t help you selfish (again pardon).

  16. purpurpledog8 says:

    @MmIlahg I’ve got a …
    @MmIlahg I’ve got a bag of cement in my truck!

  17. LemireCassie says:

    All darkness shall …
    All darkness shall come to light. All of the enemies plans will be revealed. REPENT!!!

  18. cmchambers777 says:

    @LadyStonecut …
    @LadyStonecut Don’t fret about that. I used to be angry about it until someone I know who is very prophetic told me that in the last days these underground cities would become their tombs!

  19. Magicsky51 says:

    Read – Richard …
    Read – Richard Sauder, PhD. Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?, Leading expert in clandestine bases and tunnels – under the ground, and under the sea.

  20. ArgotMay says:

    @mrconradhoppe I …
    @mrconradhoppe I know what you mean. I stay home when I feel like that. Then I decide to shine love on the ruiners. It usually works out nicely. Sometimes not, but eventually humans can be trained invisibly. My heart is with the animals and the down trodden people of the world. I have to try harder w/those who are mean, cruel, takers, cynics, etc…. I used to HATE people and avoided them much more than now. I am happier now. I pray for people who are being nasty now instead of other stuff…

  21. landlogger says:

    @mrconradhoppe …
    @mrconradhoppe Yah. I rarely go out anymore. Nothing pulls me except as you say our brothers and Mothers Nature,

  22. a10fjet says:

    i want what he was …
    i want what he was smoking.
    then i wanna go there and see how they did it. Im fascinated with underground things. But i wouldnt want to be in it now, too much activity in earths crust.

  23. MmIlahg says:

    Sounds like a nice …
    Sounds like a nice tomb…

  24. LadyStonecut says:

    Hope everyone …
    Hope everyone understands now where our missing trillions went. These jerks stole our money to build safe havens for themselves. Lots more I’m sure.

  25. MsRain49 says:

    All of their best …
    All of their best laid plans will not work for them.

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