woman truck driver

June 17th, 2012

0 woman truck driverHi, I’m Anna, I’m a truck driver.After nearly 2 years I lost my job because of the recession.:(

/EDIT : I got myself a new full time job – everything’s allright now icon smile woman truck driver thanks to everyone for all your support and help!!!

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Duration : 0:5:22

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23 Responses

  1. 01mogwai says:


  2. legendareNz says:

    Also im not sure …
    Also im not sure about the rest of the square shes parking into, but i wouldnt have taken that turn so sharp.. so much backswing

  3. legendareNz says:

    It is not blind …
    It is not blind side tho. EU sits on the right side

  4. Kadrius23 says:

    1:38.. ick, I hate …
    1:38.. ick, I hate blindside backing… Im not sure I could have pulled that off in one move

  5. luffyshan says:

    I wish all women …
    I wish all women like you

  6. 1zangalanga says:

    Live long and …
    Live long and prosper, tough girl!

  7. vladimirsehn says:


  8. vladimirsehn says:

    OLA!!! I AM …

  9. formidable38 says:

    Take the dam flid- …
    Take the dam flid-knob off the steering wheel!

  10. Nicole39859057 says:

    You’re a good …
    You’re a good driver! :P

  11. badkiwi68 says:

    ur gorgeous anna
    ur gorgeous anna

  12. countryboy0118 says:

    Great driving!!! …
    Great driving!!! You can drive for us anyday…

  13. salamix100 says:

    ladies can drive i` …
    ladies can drive i`ve seen 2 great pro`s

  14. DJRezN says:

    parkin like a champ …
    parkin like a champ!!

  15. dragonXak47 says:

    no im not you ! iam …
    no im not you ! iam man i love pussy dude!

  16. hainzy1812 says:


  17. eirbiz says:

    Well done! AND, …
    Well done! AND, you’ve got a great ‘propulsion system’ yourself.

  18. nattila80 says:

    Great respect for …
    Great respect for the women truckers :)

  19. woodencoasterfan says:

    @dragonXak47 The …
    @dragonXak47 The plural words for woman and man is women and men, not womans and mans.

  20. woodencoasterfan says:

    You did a great job …
    You did a great job getting into those tight spaces. I drive a truck over here in the US and I’ve been to quite a few customers where there’s barely enough room to back my trailer into the dock door.

  21. dragonXak47 says:

    yeah NOW …
    yeah NOW SAY WOMANS CANT DRIVE ! OWNED ! lol iam man and i know womans can drive better them many mans!

  22. 0Tanaka0 says:

    There are a lot …
    There are a lot more women truck drivers these days

  23. xSuperiorManx says:

    Please excuse his …
    Please excuse his mental illness. Martin Bott (wwwtotalitaerde) is suffering from a psychosis that makes him believe the government is after him, controlling minds everywhere etc. >_> His allegedly murdered brother even went to court against him because he didn’t want him to use his name for that nonsense. Now he sticks to defaming my country in Youtube videos. He’s a madman and wants to make his conspiracy-homepage look important, nothing else.

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