Truck Driving Time Lapse

August 12th, 2011

0 Truck Driving Time LapsePlease visit my website:

I’m an OTR Truck Driver and this is time lapse video from my drive on 10/31/2010. Most of this is Pennsylvania on I-80, I-81, and I-84 in the Appalachian Mountains. There is a little bit from I-84 in New York as well.

Music Credit: Clint Mansell – Wherever You Go (Requiem for a Dream)

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Duration : 0:3:21

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25 Responses

  1. asbloodrunsblack4208 says:

    I knew that was pa …
    I knew that was pa I was thinking that looks like pa

  2. captainmcduche says:

    @WigWagProductions …
    @WigWagProductions oh thats awsome.. great idea. how did ya bust it lol

  3. WigWagProductions says:

    @bbarrett910 Thanks …
    @bbarrett910 Thanks for the feedback!!

  4. WigWagProductions says:

    @captainmcduche A …
    @captainmcduche A lot of people request a tour of my truck. My current camcorder is busted, but I’ll be getting a new one next month. When I do, I’ll put a video like that together for you. I have a power inverter in my truck so I just leave my camcorder plugged in while I film so no problems with battery life. I believe my camcorder had 160GB of storage? But it’s a paper weight now.

  5. WigWagProductions says:

    @Alrgc2Air Shoulda …
    @Alrgc2Air Shoulda seen me on the 405! :-D

  6. Alrgc2Air says:

    …Well he looked …
    …Well he looked me in the eye as he was writing me up and said,
    “Driver, you been flyin’…. ninety-five is the route you were on,
    it was not the speed limit sign….” LOL

  7. Ps2Viper87 says:

    Sorry steering …
    Sorry steering wheel holders! lol! They don’t know what real trucking is!

  8. captainmcduche says:

    got series. can you …
    got series. can you show us around your truck like a full tour ? and also what kinda storage does your camera have and how did you maintain a battery for a time lapse?

  9. bbarrett910 says:

    Great video cool …
    Great video cool views i love it!

  10. WigWagProductions says:

    @armystrongamerican …
    @armystrongamerican I use Cyberlink Power Director Pro for all my video editing. It’s the only program I’ve ever used so I have no idea how it compares with the other programs out there. I think I’ve only scratched the surface on what it can do, but it takes a little while to learn everything.

  11. WigWagProductions says:

    @newtrucker77 Yeah …
    @newtrucker77 Yeah appreciate it. Glad I didn’t just toss it.

  12. WigWagProductions says:

    @2500mike Thanks!
    @2500mike Thanks!

  13. armystrongamerican says:

    hey i forgot to ask …
    hey i forgot to ask if you wouldnt mind telling me what program you use to get the time lapse effect?

  14. newtrucker77 says:


  15. 2500mike says:

    great video man!
    great video man!

  16. WigWagProductions says:

    @warrior350yam …
    @warrior350yam Awesome, and good luck to you! Swift takes a lot of heat sometimes, mostly because they are such a huge company, but they aren’t any better or worse than the other major carriers. You’ll do just fine there. Good luck!

  17. WigWagProductions says:

    @DriverJBM Thanks …
    @DriverJBM Thanks Driver!

  18. WigWagProductions says:

    @trucker908 Mostly …
    @trucker908 Mostly the east. I can’t remember the exact locations, but I’d say most of the I-80 footage was taken between I-180 and and I-81. The majority of footage was taken along I-81 from I-80 to I-84, then along I-84 to just across the NY boarder.

  19. WigWagProductions says:

    @juanfx2 Nothing is …
    @juanfx2 Nothing is as easy as it seems! Glad you enjoyed the video

  20. warrior350yam says:

    sweet vid. im gunna …
    sweet vid. im gunna be driving for swift to get my foot in the door. your videos are very helpful for newbies like myself.

  21. DriverJBM says:

    Hey just watched …
    Hey just watched alot of your videos…love them. You did a great job showing the life of OTR trucking. Keep up the good work. I`ll keep watching!!!

  22. trucker908 says:

    what part of I80 …
    what part of I80 was that like in western pa or eastern pa

  23. juanfx2 says:

    Nice video if …
    Nice video if trucking is as easy as you show it I love to become one….

    Good Luck and drive safe!!!!

  24. WigWagProductions says:

    @401RoadWarrior …
    @401RoadWarrior Appreciate the feedback! I was actually filming for a completely different kind of video, but it wasn’t going to work out. I was getting ready to delete all the footage then decided to just throw a time lapse together.

  25. WigWagProductions says:



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