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January 19th, 2012

0 Moma Hated is a website where truck drivers leaving truck driving schools get career advice about training, truck driving jobs with good trucking companies and adding endorsements to their CDL.
To ask for advice or ask questions, just fill out the contact form or enter the forum/chat room and visit with other Truck drivers who are more than willing to help out any driver.
An added bonus for all Truck drivers visiting is that most every page has a video player loaded on the page with all kinds of great trucking videos that are FREE to watch and download.
Also each page of the site has many services and the gear that Truck Drivers need and use everyday

Duration : 0:5:16

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3 Responses

  1. Youbic68 says:

    Thinks for posting …
    Thinks for posting this. It is the original not the remake that you mostly find these days.

    What they call country music today is mostly crap!

  2. jimmybianca1900 says:

    Gr8 Song love it

    Gr8 Song love it
    my wife hates my diesel also but you know its a life that gets a grip on you

    greetings from an european truckdriver

  3. wacahootaman says:


    That is …

    That is a classic!

    Wen Momma tried to flag down that big rig with a pocket handkerchief and got kilt is classic real country.

    Not like this fake garbage ye hear on the radio these days.

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