CR England – Truck Driving School

February 7th, 2012

0 CR England   Truck Driving SchoolCR England’s Premier Truck Driving School provides truck driver training to individuals seeking to be professional Class A CDL drivers. Our top notch staff will work with you to make you the safest driver on the road. All graduates are guaranteed a job upon completion of our program. Learn more at

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23 Responses

  1. c032970 says:

    i cant wait by …
    i cant wait by uncle myfather and cousin doin the same thing with roadway

  2. monsterj1 says:

    2 weeks? thats it.. …
    2 weeks? thats it…wow the training program im taking is 7 weeks the information and training you get is staggering

  3. snowwhite211995 says:

    wow i leve next …
    wow i leve next week to start

  4. IgOrEcK24 says:

    @stolenkiss81 That …
    @stolenkiss81 That is why i like trucking. Cant wait to be a truck driver.

  5. DYLAN102001 says:

    I’m 19 and have …
    I’m 19 and have little driving experience, can I go to this school?

  6. badmun36 says:

    am ready for june …
    am ready for june 13th. hope it goes well

  7. caminhoneironohaulin says:

    The system quite …
    The system quite different from Brazil, much good.

  8. dogbone3000 says:

    In less than a year …
    In less than a year he’ll be training.

  9. Armysniper360 says:

    @joel92mor  …
    @joel92mor  No, they still drive 9 speeds

  10. SoldierK4 says:

    How much does this …
    How much does this cost?

  11. STFNIANCU says:

    How much it cost? …
    How much it cost? Pls let me knw… I am from romania and I am us citizen I like work as a truck driver… I already drove all over the us with my car all the states including canada and mexico

  12. MrTripplenipple says:

    @PugManMike How …
    @PugManMike How was it? You still truckin’?

  13. stickyshortz says:

    this may be a good …
    this may be a good one but watch out for white line school in toeka
    ks the con artist don losson and connie porte thier some fly by night
    mfs anything to get that tuition money

  14. splaudio1 says:

    im signed up and …
    im signed up and next month i will be attending i couldnt be more excited

  15. dav7722 says:

    I start Nov 15th
    I start Nov 15th

  16. poptrunk06 says:

    lol at the comments
    lol at the comments

  17. MegaRubbersoul says:

    2 weeks and you can …
    2 weeks and you can drive 40 tons down the road. Sure now, can you drive around town,back a trailer? Do me a favor and let me know when your driving, so I can be on the other side of the state! Thanks….

  18. dixiewife47 says:

    I drove for 4 yrs, …
    I drove for 4 yrs, and have been off the road for 10. I miss driving a truck.

  19. bigrodeo123 says:

    Very nice outfit
    Very nice outfit

  20. nicci833 says:

    nice Peterbilt! :) 
    nice Peterbilt! :) 

  21. KILLERBUNNEY666 says:

    i just finished my …
    i just finished my third day of school and i have my learners permit looking forward to what comes next ,

  22. stolenkiss81 says:

    its hard but Oh man …
    its hard but Oh man is it worth it you get to see the country and make a ton of money
    I guess the only down side is missing your family sometimes it can get pretty lonely out here

  23. googoo120 says:

    @PugManMike running …
    @PugManMike running strong?

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