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The Amazing Story of Millie the Cat

January 14th, 2012

0 The Amazing Story of Millie the CatAfter getting lost at a highway truck-strop and nearly freezing to death in the bitterly cold Wyoming winter, Millie the Cat was rescued by a passing trucker and reunited with her owner 53 days later.

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Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021

October 23rd, 2011

0 Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021Trucker Story of Underground City in Texas : Thank you to jrae50021

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MORE PROOF! Now things aren’t looking so “Pretend” anymore!!!!! Pt5

June 22nd, 2011

0 MORE PROOF! Now things arent looking so Pretend anymore!!!!! Pt5PASS THIS ON PEOPLE!!!! Things are getting SCARY!!!

Link to RFI for Emergency Blankets:

Link to RFI for Under Water Bodybags:

They’re making a game out of it! (let’s have some fun! courtesy of YT user: NoLinkNews)

Intel from YT user:

Just went to dinner with my husbands friend that has a large trucking business and he was informing me that he has a long standing customer that makes uniforms for NY police and the such, and he just put a bid in for a uniform that is like no other, and when he asked for what city this was for he was told this uniform was for police that would only answer for the president of the united states. This is absolutely totally solid info. (CAN ANYONE ELSE CONFIRM THIS?!)

Also, from a user that wishes to remain anonymous:

“By the way, speaking of the way the Illuminati drops hints, I think you noted that the closing date for that “Meals” RFI was Jan 26. I might be wrong and please forgive me if I am, but I *think* you mentioned the date in that context. In the RFI it says “Questions must be submitted in writing to Julieann L. Phillips at not later than 2:00PM, 26 January 2011 to be answered. Responses to questions will be provided not later than 2:00PM, 03 February 2011. Request for Information closing date is 03 February 2011.”

However, Jan 26 is very, very significant. That happens to be the 311th anniversary of the Great Cascadia Earthquake of Jan 26, 1700. visit:

Now, ain’t it an odd coincidence that on the very day that’s the anniversay of the biggest quake to hit Nth America’s PNW in centuries, we have a “closing date for questions” in respect of planning for a disaster in the region that had the second-biggest quakes?

Also, I don’t need to tell you the importance of numbers to our dear sweet Illuminati foes. 311. Three and eleven. We know how crucial eleven is, we know the power of three (after all, Christianity is built around the trinity concept), and well — 3 x 11 = 33.

I’m certain you are aware of how significant *that* number is.

Another oddity, but one which may be meaningless but I’ll throw it out there as it just came to me, is that 1/26/11 can be computed down to: 1+2+6 / 11. So, that gives us: 9/11. (Elevens are inviolate and don’t get reduced down.) Also, while some might argue that we didn’t include the “20″ and write “2011″, the point is that generally people don’t do it that way. We know what century we’re in, so it’s only the year, month and day numbers that “matter”.

Is this odd “9/11″ example just a weird coincidence? And the “311″ and its derivatives? Maybe. But I do not believe in coincidences. Not in matters of this nature, at least.

Also by the way, if you google “earthquake drill 1/26/2011″ you’ll find what regions are going to have quake drills on that day, including the biggest quake drill in Canadian history (in BC) and various places in the US as well.”

More math done by YT user marcomix82:

Between 09/11/01 and 01/26/11 = 3424 days

or 9 years and 137 days

or 9/11

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If you found this information COMPELLING, PLEASE DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to PASS THIS ON!!!!!!


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